Jesse Öresund

Name: Jesse Öresund
Race: Cursed Human
Gender: Male (TG from Female)
Born: 651 CR
Fur: None
Eyes: Blue-grey
Height: 5'10"
Faith: Lothanasi
Created by: Kamau

Position within Metamor: Head mage at Mycransburg.


Jesse is the mage for the city of Mycransburg. He is a recognized Master of his craft and has apprentices studying under him. While he does visit the Keep occasionally he prefers to stay in Mycransburg and use his skill for the betterment of that city. Before the curse he was a female mage and fought against Nasoj in the campaign that ended in the battle of Three Gate and transformed her into a man. Since that time he has been instrumental in assisting Mayor Tabit in the rebuilding of the city.

Daily Life

Most of the Jesse's day is spends in his house crafting magic items or at his small shop in the marketplace. He trains his apprentices as he works but also teaches them individually. He will at times go out into the woods and mountains by himself. Something that concerns his friends but that Jesse insists is safe for him. As any Metamorian he stands the watch and will occasionally go out on patrol.

Family, Friends & Allies

Sibylla, Len, Mika, Rorlyn,


Jesse has acquired over the years a great numbers of spells and enchantments. He is renowned for magic items that are of a practical use by the populous. He is also skilled in spells that can be useful in combat and carries an enchanted staff that serves both as a reserve of power and source of additional spells. His primary spells are those of force. These can manifest themselves in anything from a projectile to levitation to magic walls and shields. Despite his being a mage he also has skill with sword, staff and bow.

He has worked long and hard to understand the workings of the curse that Nasoj placed upon the valley. Like so many other mages he has found nothing that can reverse the curse but through this study has discovered many secrets that serve him well.


Jesse is kindly and easily shows the wisdom of years. Anyone who did not know he was a mage would consider him simply a wise old man. He has a good sense of humor and has been known to play the occasional joke with his mage craft. While it takes a great deal to upset or anger him he does have temper. Anyone who caused him to reach this point places themselves in great danger. To his apprentices he is a good Master and considers them like his own children. This does not prevent him from being a demanding Master when it comes to learning and doing assigned tasks.


To restore the city of Mycransburg to its former beauty and to defend it against any enemy that would threaten it. He desires to produce apprentices that can continue his craft and work in the city. He has also made it his goal to help Rorlyn recover his skill as a mage and fulfill the potential he first saw in the young man.

Physical Appearance

Jesse is a man of average height and build. While his years should have turned his hair white he continues to have long blond hair with mustache and a beard that come to his lower chest. There is some speculation that he uses magic to keep the hair the color he had as a woman. His skin is a natural though lightly tanned. When in town he usually wears a robe of burned orange trimmed with blue and a baggy flat cap with a wide brim. When he is called to duty with the guard he will wear a robe of mottled dark green with black trim and a black flat cap. Aside from his magic he will carry a dagger and sword as well as a staff.


Two for the Price of One

General Notes

While Jesse may seem to be a simple old mage his has a number of unspoken goals and secrets. The depth of this character is deceptive. He is complex and has a variety of skills that make him valuable to the city and prepared to meet most challenges.

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