Full Name: Jesreg
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (mouse)
Creator: Fox Dragonrite

This bemused little mouse started out as "just some random guard with a couple of vowels thrown in." He's definitely one of the people at the humble end of the hierarchy.

Pure of heart and dutiful, he also has the misfortune of being a weirdness magnet. While down in the cellars, he stumbled upon John Thesmere, a mage who had gotten stuck in a soul trap in the Keep's catacombs a few centuries ago and withered away into a lich.

His first few stories were all very non-canon spoofs, but he IS canon. Both he and John have a cameo in Winter Assault.

First Appearance: "A Truly Rotten Character"

Jesreg is an NPC at the moment and not under the control of any one person. All requests to use him should be directed to the universe control or the forum. He CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum or Universe Controller first instead of his creator.

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