Jerome Krabbe

Jerome Krabbe joined the Sondeckis at the same time as Charles Matthias. They were friends for the seventeen years they spent together at Sondeshara. When Charles left, it was Jerome who was sent to find him. Jerome chased Charles all across Galendor before finally tracking him down eight years later at Metamor Keep. Jerome agreed not to reveal Charles's new location, and has since traveled across the Midlands, ever staying close by. Charles and he have traded correspondence since.

Jerome was at Metamor during the Winter Assault and aided Charles and Glen Avery.

He joined Charles and the group heading for the Chateau Marzac when they crossed into the Flatlands. He had arranged guides across the Steppe from the Tagendend horse clan. From that point he was part of their number until the bitter end. On their return to Metamor, he left to go into the north to avoid the Curses.

He was next seen in Fjellvidden, one of Gmork's pups in training. His attempt to kill Baron Calephas was foiled by the mage, and if not for the Sondecki Calm and the intervention of Lindsey, he may have surrendered his will completely to the beastly mage. As it is, Jerome cannot become fully human anymore, but exists always in a state that is partly wolf. He uses the Sondecki techniques to keep the beastly thoughts and instincts at bay for now.

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