Jaime Verdane

Full Name: Jaime Verdane
Species: Untransformed Male
Creator: Charles Matthias
Location: Kelewair

The eldest son of Duke Verdane, Jaime is the Lord Mayor of Kelewair. He has the family red hair and green eyes, and is a capable swordsman and chess-player. He was once married to Valada, niece of Duke Otakar of Salinon, but she died only two weeks after their wedding from illness. Jaime truly did love her, and has not been able to even think of marrying another since. He shares his fathers goal of uniting the Midlands under the seat of Kelewair.

While on a mission to recruit Bozojo for Duke Verdane's army to put an end to the war between house Dupré and house Guilford, Jaime was captured by forces from the Outer Midlands. He is now being held prisoner in Salinon to insure that Duke Verdane does not attack Bozojo which threw its allegiance to Duke Otakar.

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