Jack DeMule

Full Name: Jack DeMule
Race: Cursed Human (Mule)
Occupation: Castellan
Residence: Metamor Keep
First Appearance: Alone In The Dark

The Keep castellan. Jack's job is to maintain the armory and see to the provisioning and arming of the various units within Metamor's army.

Jack is the guy primarily responsible for training the young people of Metamor in how to fight. Anybody from the age of ten to around sixteen is probably going to be paying regular visits to the training house where Jack schools them in the art of war. Those who show promise here will be promoted up to work with more specialized tutors, depending on their skills, but everyone has to learn how to fight, and the regular citizens of Metamor will have to come back periodically for refresher training.

You can see Jack in his training role in Raven's stories Rites of Ascendancy and Dances.

Jack is an NPC at the moment and not under the control of any one person. All requests to use him should be directed to the universe control or the forum. He CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum of Universe Controller first instead of his creator.

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