Full Name: Francis Hough
Race: Cursed Human (age regressed)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Father Francis Hough was a Follower Priest at the Ellcaran church to the south. He was the one who was sent to Metamor Keep during Follower holidays to perform the rites for the small, but earnest Follower population at the Keep. During the Equinox-Easter festival of 706 CR, he spent a great deal of time talking with Duke Thomas, arranging for the eventual creation of a parish at the Keep. In April of 706 CR, after receiving a letter from Phil, he headed back towards the Keep, but was kidnapped by Lord Loriod who did unspeakable things to him. Rupert rescued him, and now he lives in the Keep as a child of about ten. The Keep herself has provided him with a chapel in which he may lead his fellow Followers in worship.

He has since become good friends with Madog, and from time to time can be seen playing with the automaton.

He has six seminarians whom he is training to be Follower priests: Patric (a chameleon), Ramad (a FTM human), Richard (a mouse), another FTM human, and two ARs (the last three have not yet been named).

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