Full Name: Guernef
Race: Nauh-kaee
Creator: Charles Matthias

Guernef is the Kakikagiget of his race. The word roughly translates as 'Listener of Winds', but that hardly conveys his true purpose. He is a spiritual leader, a magician, a historian, and the liaison between his race and the Elves and other races. That said, only the Elves and the Åelf have any contact with the Nauh-kaee.

Guernef is old, though his exact age is unknown, as is what "old" means for a Nauh-kaee. Like all Nauh-kaee he lives in a cave in the Great Barrier Range. This he shares with Abafouq, a Binoq he rescued from the killing snows in 702 CR. He acts as Abafouq's keeper, though much of the time he is more mentor and ally. Occasionally, he will even be his friend. Abafouq is the only person that Guernef will always allow to understand his speech. Not even Qan-af-årael is shown this courtesy, though few are the things Guernef would keep from that ancient Åelf.

When Abafouq declared he was going to head to Metamor Keep in Spring of 707 CR, Guernef declared that he was going as well, but first needed to prepare for their return. While at Metamor, Guernef was instrumental in destroying the wind spell that isolated the Belfry.

Guernef's magical specialties include air magic and telepathy, though the latter he only uses when regular speech is inconvenient. He has some defensive capabilities, though his preference is always to attack. He is not above using his claws or beak to rend an opponent's flesh.

Guernef, like all Nauh-kaee, possesses the hindquarters of a large white feline with the head, wings, and talons of an eagle. The feathers on his forequarters are all white, his eyes are golden, but his talons and beak are black.

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