Griff Sen

Full name: Griff Sen
Race: Cursed Human (Eagle)
Faith: Lightbringer
Born: 675 CR
First Appearance: To Snare a Rabbit
Creator: Nagolinc


Griff Sen serves Baron Fredrick the Pacific, ruler of Wyrd Forest in the southwest corner of Metamor Valley. Seeing as how the Baron largely ignores the affairs of actually running his holding in favor of entertaining himself by changing into an infant all day long, Sir Griff, once simply the Head of the Guard of the barony, now also functions as the holding's Steward. In effect he is the one who runs Wyrd Valley, or more accurately tries to prevent it falling further apart than it already is. Frequently stretched to his limit trying to juggle a degraded apparatus of state for the small, depopulated barony of less than a hundred people, Griff tries to handle the peasantry, his inattentive lord and whatever maladies or threats Wyrd Forest faces. With mixed results, given how overtaxed he is.

While not as proficient perhaps in seamlessly shifting his form as his lord, Griff is one of the few bird morphs in Metamor who has mastered the art of unlocking his taur form, which adds to his already formidable fighting prowess.

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