Full Name: Grastalko
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias
Affiliation: Magyars

Grastalko was born Golonka of Stuthgansk. He joined the Driheli a couple of years ago because he felt that was what he ought to do. He was captured by the Magyars after his knight was killed. After he confessed all that he knew, he was given Magyar clothes and made to wear them, as well as the Magyar name Grastalko. It took him a while before he accepted this and realized that he could also be happy being a Magyar. He made friends with Gamran, but it was Nemgas that occupied his thoughts. He choose to be a Magyar in the end when he realized that was how he could best show honour and live up to the ideals he held. His left hand was burned when he grasped the golden blade that slew the Patriarch, but an illusion masks the damage.

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