Gordon Argentarge
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (Large Spotted Genet)
Creator: John Burman
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 160 lbs.


Gordon is Metamor Keep's master blacksmith. Hailing from the lands east of the Vysehrad Mountains (known as the Great Eastern Mountains to most), Gordon came to the Keep by his own choice to find work. Treking across the continent, he arrived much too late to have anything to do with the winter assault and began to lend a hand in the rebuilding of the Keep. Adopting Daniel as his apprentice and son, Gordon now tries to balance the foreign world of fatherhood with his work.


After his own father passed away and the inheritance was divided, Gordon, as the youngest, came away with little more than he had before. Traveling across the continent, his hunt for work took him all the way to Metamor before he was able to settle down. Now his only family ties are to Daniel, his adopted son.


Driven by a strong work ethic, Gordon won't stop until the job is done and done right. An honest man, he always makes sure that if the Argentarge name is going to be put on it, that others will not find fault or weakness, whether that be in straight, strong nails to build a house or a shield that will stop even the best archer cold.

Personal Traits:

Although an excellent blacksmith and an superb shot with his arbalest, Gordon is clueless about any form of close combat, dealing about equal damage to the enemy, surroundings, allies and even himself.

His laborer upbringing means he is almost completely illiterate and can only count as high as fingers and toes, although he can get higher by putting together sets of digits (Ex. 100 nails would be five fingers of ten fingers and ten toes).

His hearing makes working in a forge more difficult than before as now, without covering his ears, work is almost impossible, plus having a fur coat means that other than a leather apron Gordon seldom wears more than short pants while at work. Also his change to a genet has left him almost totally colorblind and with a few instincts he is still figuring out.


Gordon is available every day during daylight hours for metal work, useless talk, and dry sarcasm. Evening and night hours by appointment only.

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