Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (black backed jackal)
Date of Birth: 6/22/655? (Best guess as exact date is unknown)
Creator: Christian Okane

George is the patrol master at Metamor Keep and head of all the scouts at the Keep, including the Long Scouts. He is very capable and handles most of the administration for the Longs. A tough, old, retired bandit/mercenary, he has a taste for luxury. Still, old habits die hard, and he always keeps a knife hidden in his boot, just in case.

George is a long-time friend of Misha Brightleaf, who is the one that talked him into coming to the Keep. He was responsible for reorganizing the scouts, making them better-organized and more efficient. Just how efficient was made clear when during the Winter Assault, when Nasoj sent a group of assassins to try and kill him.

George's exact age is unknown, but Misha estimates that he is in his mid-fifties. He was born to peasant farmers in the Midlands. As a teenager he decided against the life of a boring farmer and left. Since then he has tried his hands at everything; there is no job he hasn't done except mage, priest, and king!

George has been everywhere and seen almost everything so there is little that surprises him. He is unfazeable and has a wealth of knowledge.

Having been raised by peasant farmers, George is illiterate. He cannot read or write, and his counting ability is very limited. He is not dumb — on the contrary, he is very smart — it's just that he cannot read or write.

He also has no last name. In his small home village, none was needed. He does have several nicknames,the most popular being George the Cutlass and George the Patrol Master. Most people just call him George.

The jackal is a true master of otrinca — scouting/guerrilla warfare. There are few people in the entire Midlands that know more about it than he does. He will in the future (at Misha's urging) author (dictate to someone) a book on the subject that will be standard reading for over a millennium!

He is unmarried but has lately started to date Terrant Gattaway, a recent arrival at the Keep.

George has an assistant - Diane Asere. This TG morph helps George run the scouts. Her official title is assistant Patrol Master. Diane was born and raised in one of Metamor's many townships and served as a member of the military for many years leading up to and after the Battle of the Gates. Since that time she served on the Patrol actively, and in the capacity of logistics due to her ability to keep up with all of the minutae of details. During a patrol along the Midland/Metamor border she was waylaid by bandits and suffered a severe spinal injury that rendered her incapable of continuing in an active role. Thereafter she took over the support end of the Patrol, becoming George's secretary once he was put in overall charge, replacing the former Patrol Master.
It is not known if Diane has any relations, but was never wed nor sired children.

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