Garadan Calephas

Full Name: Garadan Calephas
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias

Baron Garadan Calephas used to be ruler in Giftum, until his vices and treachery were revealed around 697 CR. He was in collusion with Nasoj to destabilize the Northern Midlands in expectation of the wizard's imminent invasion.1 He was also caught practicing pedastry and was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of nearly a hundred street urchins. Calephas fled to the Giantdowns, where he was given command of an army and marched on Arabarb. He was able to take the northern land with relative ease, and has held it in a firm grip ever since, despite the significant underground resistance movement that has sprung up in his wake. He still continues his depraved sexual habits, though more unfettered now.

Garadan's younger brother, Jaran Calephas, played a quiet role in Garadan's ouster and was named baron of Giftum in his place. It is unknown whether Garadan is aware of Jaran's actions, or how far he might go to seek revenge if he were to become aware.

Garadan is rumored to be a disciple of Suspira; while this has never been definitively proven, Suspira's cult has certainly prospered in Arabarb under Garadan's rule, and open practitioners of her faith can be found throughout all levels of the government.

After the Winter Assault, Garadan renounced his allegiance to Nasoj and made a pact with Lilith instead. In that time he brought the enigmatic and beastly mage Gmork to see to the defense and maintenance of Arabarb. He also began experimenting on the Draconian potions provided by Lilith; these potions originally transformed a human into a Draconian, a bastardized creature between man and dragon, the very sight of which will send a real dragon into a murderous, indignant frenzy. Garadan's purpose was to refine the draconic aspects to make himself into a real dragon.

He captured and broke Wicker Potter (so called Wicked) to be his slave both in and out of the bed in this time as well.

In April 708 CR, Lindsey, Pharcellus, and the three arctic sea bird brothers Quoddy, Lubec, and Machais worked together to bring about Garadan's downfall. In the end, Wicker turned on him and murdered him by tangling them both in the anchor chain together and drowning.

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