Name: Furlin "the Flayer"
Race: Human
Occupation: Mage of Nasoj, lieutenant of Nasoj
Residence: Giantdowns
Died: Early April, 706 CR
Creator: Chris O'Kane

A lieutenant and mage, and one of Nasoj's favorites. Nicknamed the Butcher of Willow Hill, he was a cruel man who would kill men for being in his way. He had many enemies among the lutins; Furlin killed 150 lutins of the Bloody Maw for disobedience, and 75 of the Rending Claw tribe for not bringing him tribute fast enough.

A noble by birth, he liked to dress in fine clothes with a well-groomed mustache and beard.

He was so infamous, Duke Thomas offered a 10 thousand gold reward for proof of his death. One night, in the spring of 706 CR, he was leading an army of lutins a few miles south of Starven. From a hiding space, Misha Brightleaf shot and killed him with lutin arrows to confound identification by Nasoj.

His death would lead to a few acts of retribution by Nasoj's men, most notably Varnal.

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