Baron Fredrick

Full name: Baron Fredrick the Pacific
Race: Cursed Human (AR)
Faith: Lightbringer
Born: 677 CR
First Appearance: To Snare a Rabbit
Creator: Nagolinc


Baron Fredrick of House Markus is the current ruler of Wyrd Forest, a position he inherited shortly before the Battle of Three Gates. Since then the holding in the southwest area of the Valley has dwindled from an already small population to something under a hundred. For the most part the Baron seems uninterested in the day to day activities of ruling-or doing any sort of strenuous work or thinking on the subject at all.

Ever since the Curses were laid he has become quite proficient in manipulating his own form, becoming one of the best and quickest shifters in Metamor, able to change from a barely newborn infant to a thirteen year old in a matter of a few seconds. Unfortunately, Fredrick regards this talent almost exclusively as a means to entertain himself, as he is quite taken with regressing himself to an infant and surrendering to infantile play and desires, sometimes for entire days. Pressing matters of state are no concern to him, seemingly only caring for the benefits of ruling, with none of the responsibilities. Duke Thomas and the court at Metamor regard him as one of the more useless vassals, but due to the insignificance of his realm, its nonstrategic nature, the myriad of more pressing matters to attend to with the nobility of the realm, and the simple fact that Fredrick usually backs whatever line the Duke promotes as a matter of course all ensure that dealing with the ineffectual rot that is Wyrd Forest has remained a decidedly low priority for a number of years. Talk has been stirring lately, however, that if Fredrick does not improve the security of his realm that it could become a haven for bandits, which has caused increased attention and tensions between the Baron, the Metamorian Court and his fellow nobles.

In the absense of any effective day to day leadership, most of the actual ruling of Wyrd Forest is in the hands of the Head of Fredrick's Guard and Steward, Griff Sen

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