Felix Of Lee

Full Name: Felix of Lee
Race: Human
Died: Roughly -2300 CR
Creator: Chris O'Kane

Felix of Lee was the first great seer of the human race.1 The city of Lee no longer exists, but was once a prominent port in what is now the Pyralian Confederation. He began to have prophetic visions when he came of age, and once word of his ability spread, he was taken prisoner by the Suielman Emperor. However, his wife, Claree was pregnant with their first child, and at the Baron of Lee's behest, fled in a boat heading for the Southlands. She carried with her one final prophecy from her husband, telling her where she and the child might find safety.

Though Felix never heard in his life what became of his wife and child, he continued to write down the vision that came to him, until the toll of being kept in prison drove him completely mad.2 It is said that before he died he saw the end of the present age of the world, and wrote this down as his final prophecy. Others dispute the exact timing of the turning of ages, but all agree that the events will herald the coming of a new age.

Felix's wife and child settled in what was to become Fellos, and all of their descendants would be blessed with the prophetic ability. They came to be known as Felikaush, that is, 'Sons of Felix'. Zhypar Habakkuk is the last living Felikaush, and he told this tale in the story 'Lineaments of Coming Night'.

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