Full name: Ethaniel Dilandau
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (Cougar)
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Fur: Mostly Beige, with a few black markings
Eyes: Grayish
Creator: Pontos


Born in the southern frontier of the Flatlands, at five he suffered an accident that left him both blind and lacking his sense of touch. After his father resorted to the Lightbringer gods in order to cure him, Ethan regained only his sight.
At the age of 25 - being one of the best warriors in his hometown and an expert in the use of the polearm - a man approached him offering the chance to go to Metamor and join their armed forces.
Oblivious of the curse - and not getting a warning on it either -, Ethan headed to the Keep to be part of the forces that fight to keep the peace in the continent.

Already in the Metamor Keep he was unable to see the animal morphs residents, seeing instead their original pre-curse human appearance. Added to the fact that his sight was manipulated, his lack of sense of touch prevented him to feel anything weird on other people's hands and the like.
The reason behind this becomes clear days after, when in a certain situation a rune corresponding to an illusory spell was found burnt on his right hand.
Lacking his touch, Ethan was unable to feel the brunt scar, which also was masked by the same illusory spell and preventing him to be aware of it.
The curse had already claimed him by then, and after a few days he was already changed.

The last phase of his change was abrupt, returning Ethan his sense of touch, and letting him feel the intense pain the change caused - which was not a common situation -. Such experience was terrible, because that was the first time in two decades he was able to feel anything.
Since that moment he started to marvel at all and every feeling life brought him.1

Family and Friends:

Ethan has an older brother called Jeremiah, both being nephews of their hometown's sovereign - Count Yentel Dilandau -.
Although being their uncle's rightful heirs, Jeremiah and Ethan were disinherited due to a bad relationship between their father and the Count.
Due the fact that the Count has no heir - nor can have one anyway2 -, in the case he dies without handpicking someone, both Jeremiah and Ethaniel would recover their deprived rights.

In the Keep he had become close with a Yellow Mongoose Morph Called Ariadna, and joining her squad of scouts. He admires the fighting prowess showed by Oberon, who also is the one that discovered the illusory spell residing on Ethan when he asked Oberon for advice on the strange situations he was facing.
Also, a male TG called Johann was assigned by the Duke Thomas as his 'watcher', with the objective of making sure no foreigner gets close to him3. Luckily he proved to be a nice person, and far from a nuisance.


He is good hearted, caring, determined and also a bit naive depending the situation. His new feline individualistic nature got in conflict with his original sociable nature, sometimes leaving him confused.
He would never broke a promise, and is determined to be of use for the Keep, just as his original intention was.

General Notes:

For some unknown reason, his regained sense of touch is excessively sensitive - more than the usual morph sensitivity - up to the point of suffering the cold and the heat at a temperature normally bearable for everyone else.
As a pro, this also gave him an exceptional improvement of his natural perception for physical vibrations in the ground or any kind of surface4 from both his hand-paw and feet's pads, making him very good for tracking and for early detection of approaching foes.

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