Race: Cursed Human (komodo dragon)
Age: 32 yrs old as of March 12th 708 CR
Occupation: Healer(Prior to Battle of Three Gates)/Brood Matron(Leader) of the Fellowship of the Egg( as of January 3rd, 700 CR)
First Appeared In: "Fellowship of the Egg"
Creator: Christof Bradford

Emily and her family live in Euper. Their home is a small house attached to the pottery store run by Raymond, Emily's husband.

Emily projects a warm, caring attitude which seems to be quite at odds wither beastly form. When she is sufficiently angered however, all the warmth and kindness drains away from her eyes, leaving behind only the cold, methodical predator that is a komodo monitor. The surest way to instill rage within her reptilian heart is to endanger her children, whether they were hatched from the eggs that she laid, or the children in the larger family of the Fellowship.

Emily has a Mother Bear relationship with not only her own children, but with the Fellowship of the Egg as a whole.

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