Full Name: Vinsah
Race: Cursed Human (Raccoon)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Bishop Vinsah of Abaef was Patriarch Akabaieth's chief aid and confidant during the Patriarch's tenure. It was long assumed by many that Vinsah would become Patriarch after Akabaieth passed away. When they travelled to Metamor Keep, Vinsah began having dreams of a strange silvery woman who called him Elvmere and bade him to stay. Further, the night Zagrosek slayed Akabaieth and his retinue, she warned him of the attack, and instructed him to protect himself. Vinsah did so, but was so injured he had to be brought back to Metamor. He woke up after the curse had taken him and made of him a raccoon. It also made him younger again, so that he appears only twenty, though he is well over fifty years in age. Shortly after the Questioners came to Metamor in March 707 CR, Vinsah left to journey once again to Yesulam. He has been accompanied by Malger and Murikeer on this journey which has led them into Sathmore. While on this journey, he has gone by the name the Lady in his dreams calls him, Elvmere.

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