Name: Elizabeth Lumas (but often still uses Brightleaf)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Creator: Christian Okane
Appearance: Six feet tall with long, brown hair that flows down to her shoulders.
Family: Verner Lumas (Husband), Heather (daughter, 22), Un-named daughter

Elizabeth is the sister of Misha Brightleaf A talented mage she lives with her family in Marigund. She keeps in communication with her brother. Recently she has taken to tutoring Jessica and they have become close friends.

She is a member of the Marigund Mages guild but distances herself from the guilds usual politics.

Elizabeth has a fondness for animals. There are 3 dogs, 2 hunting cats (leopards) and several birds of various species in residence with her and her family. When she recently visited Metamor Keep Elizabeth flew there in the form of a giant condor.

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