Name: Eldrid
Gender: Male
Race: changed human (Wolverine)
Creater: Christian O'kane
Place of Birth: South Midlands, in the town of Marlesbury, (along the Marchbourne river).

Appearance: Black fur with a white, hand shaped blaze on his throat.

Eldrid is unique among the animal morphs at the Keep. He was changed by Nasoj's magic but not the curse like the other Keepers. Eldrid along with other mercenaries were hired by Nasoj. After much sweet talking and the like he agreed to let Nasoj change him into an animal morph. The form Eldrid chose was a Wolverine.

He was involved in a massive ambush that came close to killing Misha. In desperation Misha summoned some thing from his axe. It almost drained the life from him and would have if Misha had not stopped her. It left him very shaken and with that white hand shaped mark.

Shaken and having no where else to go he has decided to stay at Metamor Keep. He seems to be settling in well enough. Lately he has been dating Amelia.

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