Edmund Delacot

Name: Sir Edmund Delacot
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (cheetah)
Creator Christian Okane


His full name is Sir Edmond Delacot. Protector of the innocent and defender of the faithful and a Knight of the Order of the Protectors. He is a nobleman by birth with a lineage stretching back centuries.

Edmund is a Paladin, a warrior and soldier dedicated to fighting for the Ecclesia. Paladins have gained something of a bad reputation in the Midlands as far too many fanatics who butcher everything that call themselves Paladins. Edmund is a true paladin - fighting evil and protecting the innocent.

Edmund wandered the Midlands on various missions for the Ecclesia or places where he believed he was needed to fight evil. He came to Metamor after the Winter Assault to help fight Nasoj and decided to stay.

He has a small retinue of soldiers (around 120) who are hardened professionals and loyal to him. His second in command is Terrant Gattaway.

Edmund has recently befriended Stealth the only other fellow cheetah at the Keep. This is in spite of Stealths unusual religious beliefs. The two do seem to get along well in spite of their differences and Stealth does have a way of doing things that Edmund just has no answer to.

Edmund's duties as a Paladin extend to non-military tasks such as caring for the sick and needy and he's also taken Bridgette into his care as a tutor though they've developed a more meaningful relationship.

Soldiers under Edmunds Command include:
Terrant Gattaway
Yet to appear:
Sir Alfred Marrowood
Sir Anteius
Sir Carlus

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