The Gods of Heaven (Aedra Lords)
Kammoloth (King of the Gods)
Akkala (Healing, Purity)
Samekkh (Wisdom, Light, Knowledge)
Dokorath (Honor, War, Valor)
Velena (Love, Beauty, Truth)
Artela (Nature, Mercy)
Dvalin (Weather, Agriculture, Wine)
Wvelkim (The Sea, Marine Life, Sailing)
Yajiit (Fire, The Sun)

Dvalin (də-VÄL-ín) is the god of weather, particularly as it relates to agriculture and growing things. Farmers of all sorts pay him homage, but his patronage is especially strong among vintners: religious traditionalists consider the making of wine to be a sacred duty,1 so a healthy grape harvest has profound importance for the entire religious system.

Dvalin draws his power from nature itself, particularly nature's rawest and deadliest forces — volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and other violent storms, etc. Certain offerings and ceremonies by supplicants can also bring him power, and act as a substitute for the terrifying weather patterns he might otherwise allow to run unchecked (so that he might feed from them).

Appearance & Personality

Dvalin has bronze skin, opalescent eyes, dark hair, and refined, handsome features. He is considered charming by most who have encountered him, but there is also a sense of wildness under his cultured demeanor.

The weather-god has no far reaching ambitions or agendas; most of his efforts are focused on satisfying his own appetites and enjoying himself. He will assist other members of the Pantheon out of friendship, or if they have something he wants, but he doesn't try to impose any kind of moral or ethical code on anyone else.2 He cares nothing for the ongoing feud between Kammoloth and Ba'al, and has been known to fraternize with daedra lords as well as his fellow Gods of Heaven. Some of Lilith, Nocturna and Suspira's children are even rumored to have been sired by him.

Dvalin's sexual appetites are nearly as infamous as Kammoloth's, and there are many stories of him seducing young shepherdesses and other attractive mortals. Many of these are anecdotal and cannot be proven in the slightest — but plenty of half-human godlings have found their way into the celestial courts over the centuries, and more than a few of them have displayed noteworthy talents with wind or lightning.

Divine Intervention

Boons: Dvalin provides weather-based proxy spells to the Lothanasi, including whirlwind and lightning attacks, but his favor is primarily sought for the good weather that he can bring to those who pay him honor. Occasionally, a military commander might even entreat him to send [i]bad[/i] weather, in order to bog down an escaping enemy or provide cover for his army's movements.

Cost: Dvalin can draw power from grain and drink offerings that are presented in his name. The power he gains from one such offering is small, but when thousands of farmers across an entire nation join together to seek his favor, the divine energy that he can harvest from their acts of devotion is considerable. A more unusual request, such as sending bad weather for a military operation, will probably have a specific payment tailored to the circumstances; if Dvalin doesn't think he has anything to gain from granting it, he'll simply refuse.


Known Disciples:

Offspring & Servants


Aura: A mysterious wind that comes from nowhere.

Holy Symbol: A horizontal line (representing the sky) with a jagged bolt (representing lightning) extending downward from it.

Symbolic Creatures: Hawk.

Holy Day: Dvali'kema, April 30th.

d20 Notes

Lesser Deity
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Sky, Storm, Weather
Weapon of the Deity: Shock Shortspear

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