Full name: "Drift" Edward Snow
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (dog, samoyed)
Creator: Hallan Mirayas
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Fur: White, with silver-tipped guard hairs
Eyes: Brown
First appears in: "Drifting"


Drift is descended from a long line of tinsmiths, and had planned to pick up the craft as his life's work. The Curse thought differently, and changed him into a samoyed, an arctic working dog renowned for its thick fur and endurance to cold. This quickly drove him from the forge, and he worked under his brother-in-law at the Metamor granaries until they were burned in the Winter Assault. After that, he worked whatever jobs would keep him fed, slowly slipping further and further into poverty until he was befriended by Misha Brightleaf. The fox gave him an enchanted ring that would keep Drift cool and fireproof, so that he could work with the forge Kyia set up for him in the Keep.

Drift's fur is not always a bane. It kept him alive during the Yule blizzard, the entire span of which he was trapped outside in the open fields beyond Metamor's curtain walls. He has yet to tell the exact details of that story. Drift is slightly vain about his fur, and spends great effort to keep it clean and well-groomed. This is not just for appearance and comfort, but also for economy, as he occasionally sells his shed fur to a tailor for some extra cash in the spring.

Drift, like Misha Brightleaf and Fox Cutter, has developed and enjoys his taur form. As a taur, Drift is intimidatingly massive, weighing in at nearly half a ton, and his thick fur makes him look even larger than he already is. On the minus side, this makes stairs nearly inaccessible to him, as wooden stairs are rarely strong enough to support him and even stone steps are rarely wide enough for his feet. Small rooms are simply out of the question. He also has considerable problems with inertia, especially at high speeds. The details of how he first discovered taur form remain to be explored.

Family and Friends:

Drift is the second son of Alan Snow and the only survivor of his family. His father was killed on a routine patrol near Glen Avery, and his sister and brother-in-law died during the Winter Assault. His mother died in childbirth many years before.

Drift shares a close friendship with Misha Brightleaf, whom he idolized for years because of the fox's battle prowess. This bond is strengthened by their mutual faith as Rebuilders, each having before thought they were the only ones of their faith in Metamor. He also holds deep loyalty to Lindsey for help getting back on his financial feet. A special place in his heart is reserved for Kyia, for restoring to him his father's tools, several of which had been handed down through his family for generations. Out of gratitude, he often seeks out opportunities to help those she cares for.

Drift is deeply enamored of the enigmatic flying fox Keeper, Alexis, and has become good friends with the ram Wolfram and the leopard Xavier.


Drift is an interesting study in contrasts. His greatest strength is his fierce loyalty, and that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is honest, steadfast, and dependable, and would willingly die for those he considers his friends. The irony of this is that his greatest weakness is the same as his greatest strength: the force of his emotions. Drift is his father's son, with his father's temper and family pride, and these can and do trip him up from time to time. They can also be manipulated by those with ulterior motives.

Drift is surprisingly clever and creative for a tinsmith's son, a trait he inherited from his mother. His work in many jobs has opened his mind to the possibilities of unusual and unconventional combinations. This unexpected ingenuity, coupled with a strong work ethic, helps to offset his youth and inexperience.


Drift does not believe that his father was killed by Lutins, even though Alan was found with a Lutin blade through his heart, and is quietly seeking information that might prove his instincts right. He also wishes to build the Snow Tinsmithy into a successful business, worthy of his family history.

Drift's preferred weapon is the staff, but he finds its bulk annoying outside of a fight. He dreams of finding or creating a collapsible staff that can be tucked away in a pack when not in use. Heaven help him if he ever spots a Sondeshike.

Special notes:

Drift cannot swim, and traumatic memories of an accident at the forge make him moderately pyrophobic. Wearing his ring lessens that phobia, but it never entirely goes away. Also, don't ask him to sing. He is completely tone-deaf.

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