Name: Different for each
Creator: Christian O'Kane
There are 20 members of this pack
Average size: 4' to 5' at the shoulder and weighing up to a 500 to 1000 pounds.

Dire Wolves

This is not a single person but a group. During the Winter assault a pack of dire wolves was released into the Keep by the attackers to cause havoc and mayhem. But the wolves were more interested in eating then killing and made their way to the nearest meat larder. Soon afterward they were contacted by a group of the Long Scouts who wound up befriending them. The pack was instrumental in killing a weredirewolf.

Since then the pack has taken up residence in Long House and are quickly become close friends with all the Long scouts. The wolves take seriously the idea of Long House being their home and pay close attention to whoever comes and goes. Recently the pack was resettled by Misha into a small, hidden side valley attached to Metamor Valley.

They are by nature curious, very attentive - missing very little and smart (almost human level IQ) and capable of communicating with people but rarely doing so.

Known Members:

Crooked Jaw - Male. Pack leader.
Little Tail - small female. Very brave proving that good things do come is small packages.
Strong Jaw - Male. Brother of Crooken jaw.
Tcukendra - Male. A young silver-black wolf. He is a beta rank wolf who has become friends with Oberon.

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