Daria hin'Leon

Full Name: Daria hin'Leon (clan unspecified, hailing originally from Lanton)
Race: Cursed Human (Androgyne)
Gender: Female (formerly male)
Born: February, 692 CR
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4" in January 707, 5'7" in May 708
Creator: Raven Blackmane

Position within Keep: Squire, Knights of the Red Stallion


Born Daren hin'Leon, Daria (DÄR-ē-ə) spent her boyhood years dreaming of being a knight. When she was transformed into a woman by the Keep's curse, she initially felt that her dream was shattered. However, after months of extensive training under the Keep's best "Amazon" warriors, Daria learned to use the special advantages and strengths of her new body to counterbalance her new weaknesses, and succeeded in defeating her arch-rival in the dueling ring. After that victory she claimed her new name for herself, and was accepted as a squire in Lord Thomas's chivalric order. She is currently training in a wide variety of knightly skills, but the chief emphasis of her education is on battlefield tactics and strategy — Master DeMule and the other trainers believe she will make a fine field officer.


Daria is a quick-thinking fighter, agile and quick on her feet. She can ride a horse ably through harsh terrain, and is gradually gaining skill and experience in that field of study. As might be expected from a young, hot-headed warrior, she has a tendency to over-extend herself in battle and take reckless chances, though she is trying to learn to control this tendency. She seems to have a good battlefield intuition — Master DeMule once declared that she was "just mad enough to show flashes of tactical brilliance" — but that same intuition will likely lead her to occasionally disregard orders if they run contrary to her own judgment.

Daria has no talent for magic whatsoever.


In general, Daria is cheerful, brash and upbeat, and quick with a smile or a laugh. She still has a rather mischievous nature, even after all she's been through, and her penchant for adventure could easily land her in trouble again.

Daria holds great respect for Lord Thomas, the knights, the military, and the Lothanasi. She holds the chivalric system in high regard, and will generally give people in authority the benefit of the doubt unless they have given her reason to distrust them.

Not surprisingly for a knight-in-training, Daria is a bit of a glory-seeker: she is on the lookout for opportunities to distinguish herself, to bring fame and honor to herself and her family. She once saw herself becoming a knight-errant, questing about the countryside and doing good deeds for the poor, the lowly and the oppressed. Now that she is a woman, and would not be welcomed as a knight in other lands, she seeks her opportunities to fight for virtue, truth, and justice as a Knight of the Red Stallion.

Family, Friends & Allies

Daria comes from a long line of military folk — her father, Leon hin'Gallad, was a lion-morph and one of Lord Thomas's guards. Leon died defending the walls of Metamor during the Winter Assault. Daria's mother, Caitlyn, is an AR, and a healer under Brian Coe's leadership. Daria's bedroom in her parents' house doubles as the family's armory, and a large assortment of weapons from throughout their long history is stored within.

Daria's best friends are Merai, her childhood confidante, and Starling, a dragonette who seems to have set herself up to be Daria's personal mascot. Daria is also forming a strong bond to Garulf, a strong young bear-morph who fought alongside her in the Winter Assault. In the months after the battle she and Garulf have found themselves growing sexually attracted to each other, a prospect that unsettles Daria greatly.

Daria is currently apprenticed to Dame Reina DeLaroque, a Knight of the Red Stallion who originally hails from Lanton but defected to Metamor along with Daria's grandfather Gallad. Reina is very interested in the skirmishing tactics used by Daria and her squad during the Winter Assault and hopes to expand on them, turning Daria's team into a light mounted infantry unit similar to the light dragoons of the RL late Middle Ages and Renaissance era.

Physical Notes

Daria has fairly long red hair, which she keeps braided or tied back so that it doesn't impede her vision, and emerald-green eyes that sparkle with her good nature. She is an inch or so taller than her best friend Merai, and her body is toned to peak fighting condition. She wears leather armor, which is light enough that it doesn't interfere with her speed or agility, and she wears a rapier at her belt. She also carries a dagger in a concealed hip-sheath. When going out into battle, she also brings a shortbow and a supply of arrows, which she is learning how to use with greater accuracy. At this time, however, the sword is still her weapon of choice.

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