Dan D'Alimonte

Name: Dan D'Alimonte
Race: Cursed Human (Grasshopper)
Occupation: Quartermaster, scout, botanist
Residence: Metamor Keep (formerly of Carreas)
Creator: Dan D'Alimonte
First Appearance: Alone in the Dark

Physical Description

Dan resembles a 5"6' bi-pedal grasshopper with no human likeness. His skin is a deep black with small orange highlights running along the joints in the hard plates that cover his body. Dan originally had 4 arms, but lost one while ambushed by a Lutin patrol.

His insectoid phenotype gives Dan an amazing field of view of over 300 degrees, though detailed vision can be a problem. His sense of smell is excellent, using his long antennae to catch odours from the air. With his grasshopper legs and his wings, Dan is quite an agile jumper. He does not know his maximum distance, but has jumped 40 ft horizontally and 50 ft vertically. Although winged, Dan is not a Locust, and thus lacks the ability of flight. The wings instead help him balance, as well as controlling his direction in a jump.

In the way of clothing, Dan wears very little. His body naturally conceals anything modesty would have a problem with, and he can not find a tailor that can design clothes that fit him right. When it is cool he will wear a cloak to help him keep the heat in.


Dan is a loner, but would like to become more involved in the workings of the keep. He is loyal, but only to those that he feels have earned it. Friendships are few for him, preferring the company of a few true friends. Interests include cultivation of plants, research (mostly dealing with plants and trees), and reading. Not one to start a fight, Dan would rather avoid a confrontation, but will fight to protect himself and those around him. Dan hates bureaucracy and stupid people.


8 years ago Dan came to Metamor Keep as a junior quartermaster, but was also assigned to reserve military duty because of previous weapons training. Seeing the Keep's reliance of outside supply lines to provide food, Dan quietly set out to do something about it. What resulted was a large greenhouse facility that provided the Keep with an internal supply of food.

During the Battle of the Three Gates, Dan was an archer at the first gate, receiving the effects of the transform spell. After the bloodshed of the battle, Dan's dislike for fighting intensified, but his sense of loyalty to the Keep made him stay on as a reservist.

After the battle, Dan drowned himself in his work as a quartermaster, and in keeping the just-finished greenhouses operating. He tries to do as little military work as possible, but if asked will serve.


Dan's official duties at the keep are as a quartermaster. He is responsible for keeping track of the food supplies that move through the keep. This job takes quite a bit of time, and Dan hates the bureaucracy that goes with. If asked, he will say that the job would have driven him insane long ago if it were not for the greenhouses.

Although not the official keeper of the greenhouses (no one has yet been named to the post), Dan spends as much time there as possible. Anyone who is looking for Dan usually starts with the greenhouse. The greenhouses themselves are mostly set aside for basic food crops such as wheat, corn and legumes, but it also has other sections. There is a botanical garden, where trees and plants from all over the Midlands are grown. As well as a special area was set aside for the growing of 'delicacies' as a treat to keep residents. The last section is the research wing. This area is where Dan does his experiments, looking into such strange things as Mycorrhizal symbiosis and shoot-root ratios. This area is also where Dan keeps special plants that are either narcotics or powerful potion and spell ingredients. Dan is willing to give these out, but only with a very good reason. His work in the greenhouses has made Dan very good knowledgable about plants, and he has written several books of the subject, which he sells in the south to provide him with some income.

It is his duty to attend to Laracin although he does not consider it to be a task so much as a favor to a friend.


Dan has no innate ability for magic, and can not even cast the simplest of spells. Although not able to directly use magic, Dan is naturally adept with the use of charmed items, such as the heat amulet he uses to help warn his cold-blooded body. The only innate magic Dan has is the shape controlling ability that all victims of Nasoj's spell received. He can shift to a normal sized grasshopper, but will only do it in emergencies since he finds the process very unnerving.

Although Dan prefers not to use the skill, he is an experienced woodsman and scout. He is a good navigator, and can live off the land if need be.

In terms of fighting, Dan is an excellent archer, quite deadly with a medium weight bow. In a hand-to-hand (…to-hand-to-hand) fight, Dan's favourite weapons are pole-arms such as spears or pikes. His preferred weapon is the pike-like halberd, which combines a spear-head with an axe-blade and a pick. These weapons let him keep some distance from his opponent, allowing his jumping ability to be used. His powerful legs give Dan an deadly kick, and all his digits end in small claws that are effective as weapons.

Dan is knowledgable about most plants and their uses. Although not an alchemist or a healer, he is familiar with many of the extracts produced from plants.

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