Gender: Male
Race: Human
Born: ~670 CR
Creator: Raven Blackmane

Occupation: High Priest (Lothanas) of the Lothanasi Order (Ellcaran chapter)

Dagnir (DÁG-nēr) is the Lothanas of the Lightbringer chapter that covers the western half of the Southern Midlands. His territory includes all lands south of the Marchbourne River, west of the Southbourne River, and northeast of Sathmore.

Dagnir is young for a high priest and is known as a hothead among the other members of the High Council. His territory is one of the primary battlegrounds between the Lothanasi and the Ecclesia, and neither side has clear dominance at this time. This has led Dagnir to play games of political brinksmanship with the secular rulers and Ecclesia priests within his territory, which only increases the tensions between the two churches.

Dagnir's reputation led directly to Raven's decision to undertake a risky (and illicit) mission to the Angle in the fall of 707 CR.1 A renegade Ecclesiast priest was burning polytheists at the stake at small towns and villages across the Southern Midlands, and was about to cross over from Herelath's territory into Dagnir's. Fearing that Dagnir's reaction to such an affront would lead to war, Raven sought to intervene quietly and put a stop to the priest's activities before Dagnir could find out about it. In this she apparently succeeded, but also discovered evidence that the entire incident had been staged in order to lure her into harm's way. This led Raven to suspect that Dagnir was involved in a plot by the daedra lords to destroy the Metamor chapter of the Lothanasi, though at this time she does not have any firm proof.

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