Name: Fox Cutter
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (Red fox)
Appearance: A red fox morph but with a crippled, left leg. Walks slowly using a cane. He prefers using foxtaur form and is usually (75% of the time) in that form.
Occupation: Assassin (before 704 CR), Keep librarian (until 707 CR), Long House librarian (since 707 CR)
Residence: Metamor Keep (formerly from the Midlands)
First Appearance: Library

He was an assassin before coming to Metamor Keep and taking up the life of the Keep's librarian. He lived in peace till Winter Assault when his past came back to haunt him. Fox saved the duke from being killed by killing the assassins themselves. Unfortunately one of them was his wife. Distraught and physically crippled Cutter was depressed till Misha taught him how to be a Foxtaur and cheered him up.

Fox looks about 20 years younger than he is. Whether he caught some of the AR curse of something else is yet unexplained—

Up until recently Fox was the Keep librarian but has since taken over being librarian of the small but very well stocked library in Long House. Mael Murie has since taken over as the keep librarian

See also A Fox in the Works at (now removed from his story archive)

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