Full Name: Brian Coe
Race: Cursed Human (Raccoon)
Creator: Chris Okane

Brian Coe is the most respected Healer at Metamor Keep. He operates a clinic inside the Keep, with several private rooms for patients to recuperate in. He uses a combination of herbs other medicines, and some magic to restore his patients to full health. Most of his time is spent on mundane treatments, from births to broken bones. But if there is more serious work to be done, he will stay up as long as it takes to save a life.

He has several aides who work for him, but the most difficult tasks Coe reserves for himself. Though he does not counsel against wine, he will not partake of any alcohol himself. He drinks fruit juice and milk and little else.

Coe is of medium build, with grey fur and the typical black raccoon mask around his brown eyes. He is rarely seen outside of the Keep's infirmary. In fact, his private quarters are adjacent to the infirmary.

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