Claire Flameheart

Name: Claire Flameheart (formely Claire Bariclauph till she was adopted as Claire Aereolon)
Species: Cursed Human (Ferret)
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Noticeable Features:Born with eyes two different colors, this trait followed her into the curse. She has one red eye and one black eye.
Creator:Hawl Tygarus Enroygall

At a very young age her parents died of unfortunate circumstances and her brother Cedric Bariclauph took care of her until she was kidnapped by bandits. When she came into her teen years she was already engaged to be wed to an older man named Jack Flameheart whom she loved dearly. At fifteen though she was considered nearly an adult and thus able to go out into the world and look for her older brother. However she wanted to spend one final day with her husband-to-be before she left. though the next morning she woke up in the body of a ferret with the desire to feast upon a tasty looking red cardinal, though fortunately they were turned into their anthro states by the anti-curse protection that had half-reverted most of Metamor.

Pissed that she could never leave, she took up her husband's pike, as he could no longer use it, and became a scout. She was very pleased at being able to defend her home and get off some of her aggressions. She is very grateful for her ferret state, regardless of the inability to leave the Keep, afterall, she had absolutely no desire to be a man nor a kid again, she had just finished being one after all. Especially since her adopted parents had traded genders, but not reversed roles as they continued very much the same as they were previously, just with minor adjustments to accommodate their new bodies. This was of course much to the annoyance of the then-Lord of their province. Altera Loriod.

The Duke's "Everyone Who Can Defend Must" law was something Claire approved of, especially since luck smiled upon her, as her marriage and move to Keeptown, was very useful in keeping her scout career when Loriod's descent into madness lead to him passing the Hand Of Destiny Law that put several women holding male jobs out of work.

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