Full Name: Christopher of Ellcaran
Species: Cursed Human (bear)
Creator: Kristy Davis
Occupation: Assistant librarian (until summer 707 CR); tutor; scout; (as of summer 707 CR) acolyte of the Lothanasi Order
Residence: Metamor Keep (formerly of Ellcaran)
First Appearance: For Knowledge's Sake

Christopher was once an assistant to Fox Cutter in the library. He has also often been out on patrol duty. On one such mission he was attacked by a lutin shaman who placed a curse on him, turning him into a mindless beast.1 Raven hin'Elric bargained with the gods to restore his form and sanity; in return, he was later called upon to help rehabilitate Paul Grenier, the son of Baron Etienne Grenier of Lanton, who had been changed into a woman by the Curse of Metamor.2

Baron Grenier believed that having his son taken by the Curse was a fate equivalent to death, and he traveled to Metamor seeking retribution for the loss of his heir. He challenged the Keepers to either offer up someone to fight him in single combat, or else he would declare war upon the Keep. Misha offered to fight Grenier, but Christopher refused to allow him to do so; since he had accepted Paul as his ward, he held that it was rightfully his duty to face Paul's abusive father in combat.3

Christopher lost the fight against Grenier, who dealt him a vicious blow to the back that paralyzed him from the waist down. He refused to allow Raven to bargain with Akkala to heal his damaged spinal cord, however, arguing that he did not want to be in debt to the gods any more than he already had been.4 Christopher took Lurene into his own quarters at Metamor Keep, and in time the two fell in love.

In the fall of 706 CR Wanderer discovered that it was possible for one person to accept the cost of healing on another's behalf; since Christopher was his best friend, he pleaded with Chris to allow him to accept Akkala's mark in his stead. Christopher again refused, stating that he didn't want to see his friends in debt to the gods any more than himself. Wanderer could not be dissuaded, however, and he deceived Raven into believing that Christopher had agreed to the bargain so she would perform the ritual to summon Akkala. At the same time, unaware of this, Christopher and Lurene were engaged in an experiment with the magic of the Curse, hoping to use its power to restore his body to health.

Akkala fulfilled the bargain Wanderer had asked for, but in the surge of divine energy Lurene and Christopher became entangled in the magic of the Curse. Christopher's body was healed but trapped in the form of a true bear, while Lurene was affected by the Curse a second time and changed into a wolf-woman.5 In addition, as a judgment against him for his duplicity — and to resolve an outstanding dispute between Velena and Artela — Wanderer was changed into a wolf in both mind and body, a condition that would last for several months before the gods finally restored him to his proper form in Winter 707.6

This chain of events led Christopher to decide that he was better off being a knowing participant in the gods' plans instead of being an unwitting pawn. In January 707 — after Wanderer had returned to his right mind but before his body had been restored — Christopher went to Raven and asked to join the Lothanasi Order as an acolyte.7 Though surprised, Raven agreed, and put Chris to work in the Lightbringer Archives researching the fabled Starchild Prophecy.

Christopher had difficulty at first in learning to deal with the proxy spells used by the Lightbringers; he was used to manipulating arcane magic, and was frustrated when divine magic refused to respond to his commands in the same way. In the end, this problem was corrected when Chris was attacked by a stalker, a type of daedra that feeds on emotional energy. The attack led Chris to cry out to Velena in supplication, a cry that she readily answered, giving him the divine power necessary to defeat the creature. The experience taught Christopher that divine magic is not about mastery over supernatural forces, but rather about submission to supernatural beings. Since that time Christopher has not had any significant trouble in learning the proxy spells that Raven has taught him.8

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