Name: Dr. Channing
Race: Cursed Human (Goose)
Creator: J. Wells

Although his full name is listed in the official Keep records as 'The Reverend Doctor Johann Nathaniel Melchior Channing Friedrich Hernandez Sebastien Wells (de LaFontaine)', most everybody calls this astronomer and writer 'Dr. Channing' or 'Reverend.' Dr. Channing spends most of his time in his tower, one of the highest pinnacles at the Keep. He also spotlights as a junior meteorologist. Most of the time he is peering up into the sky, and taking notes. Being the second Headmaster of the Writer's Guild, he usually makes the time to attend the meetings. He is very stern with applicants who seek him out for admittance to the Guild. More recently he has begun a careful study of the prophecies of Mad Felix of Lee, and has fingered three people at the Keep (Duke Thomas, Phil, and Charles) as being mentioned in the closing pages. Before September 706 the goose left the Keep without leaving behind word where he was going, or when he would be returning.

Note:This character has been withdrawn from the Metamor Keep universe at the request of his author. Please do not include him in any works.


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