Gender: Male
Species: Cursed Dragon (becomes human at night)
Coloration: Cerulean blue scales, with purple fins and barbels
Creator: Cerulean

Position within Keep: Resident dragon (aerial defense & reconnaissance)

Cerulean (sə-RŪ-lē-ən) is a young adult dragon. He is a native of the Dragon Mountains but has lived in Metamor Valley since well before the Curse. He was hired as a defender of Metamor Keep in CR 550, long before the Battle of Three Gates and Duke Thomas keeps him on retainer to provide air support for the Metamor military, as well as long-range airborne reconnaissance. The exact location of his lair has not been revealed, but he is a frequent sight at Metamor Keep itself.

Cerulean has not yet developed his breath weapon, but he does have a substantial amount of power to manipulate magic. During the Battle of Three Gates he attempted to counteract the transformation spells used against the Keep by absorbing the magic into himself. He did not realize that the spells were backed by the magic of the daedra lords and greatly underestimated their power; instead of absorbing the spells and nullifying them, he was caught up in the magic of the three transformation spells and the counterspell created by the Keeper mages. The end result is that Cerulean is afflicted with some of the symptoms of the Curse, which otherwise would not have affected him: every night, he is cursed to become partially human (anthro).

Cerulean's form changes to semi-human every night thus making him also affected by one or more of the three spells, and it's not clear whether or not he has any degree of control over the change. He can appear as any race, any age, any gender. The one constant in all of his forms is his eyes, which are always a luminous purple.

About a fifth of the time, his change is draconian in nature, which sort of cancels itself out and allows him to appear as a smaller anthropomorphic version of himself. He has learned to enjoy his nightly change, mostly for the opportunity to interact with human culture, which is more appealing than he had imagined. He spends the daylight hours on duty. At nightfall, one of the once-human dragons takes over his watch, and he goes into the Keep to socialize.

Cerulean is on good terms with Raven hin'Elric and the other Metamor Lothanasi, and has sometimes served as a mount when Raven and Merai needed to travel long distances quickly. Cerulean's body is too broad for a human to sit astride him, so the inventors at Metamor have crafted a riding harness that allows a person to lie prone atop his back. Those who have experienced this form of travel describe it as being simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying.

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