Cedric Bariclauph

Name: Sir Cedric Bariclauph
Religion: Follower
Age: Late 20's, Early 30's
Species: Cursed Human (White Horse)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leans towards Lawful Good.
Place Of Birth: Pallowtry
Job: Ambassador from Cornflower to Metamor, Knight Of Metamor, Captain Of Mercenary Group Fourth Gate.
Goals: Ensure the continued safety of his family, Prove his worth as a knight, Obey the commands of nobles.

Born in the North, his dad went and died in a war, leaving him to take care of his little sister and sick mother, eventually though Cedric and Claire's mum died of her illness and the letter sister was kidnapped by bandits. Stricken with grief he took up his sword, devoted to upholding the law of the land. For awhile all was good, he was seen as a hero of the people, slaughtering murderers and bringing thieves to justice. Though he was thought by most to be nothing more than a glorified cutthroat, seen as equal to the criminals he crusaded against, he left town to find one deep in the south where no one had heard of him. Acting as a mercenary to get by, eventually he came to the small village of Cornflower and was accepted as a guard. Where he tried his damndest to become a true and honest knight so his deeds could be recognized by noble blood. Eventually a quest worthy of knighthood appeared before him. Sell an enchanted sword that could potentially hold the defeat of Nasoj within it to Metamor Keep. This was the Transblade, a sword that could take the shape of any inanimate object, but would only obey someone if they possessed an altered shape. The blade was to be sold in order to help pay off a debt they owed to the larger city of Mugal.

In the town of Mugal he encountered a young woman named Leo who was a man before an unsuccessful treasure hunt in Metamor left him cursed, Leo sold Cedric a map and told him to meet her under a tree where she proceeded to attempt to rob him. During this she was transformed into her bimbo state by the Transblade and lost against Cedric in a sword duel, then proceeded to take him out by turning the blade into a crossbow. Cedric met a rodent calling himself Gabriel Locke and the Cult Of the Flesh Member Regorez on their way to Metamor and went with them. Cedric was poisoned by Regorez and stolen his sword mistaking it for the Transblade which had been turned into a crossbow, leaving them stranded just outside of Metamor.

Cedric and Gabriel, revealing himself to be a shapeshifter by the name of Hawl aided each other in an escape from their separate bindings before he stole the transblade due to it calling out to him. Cedric tried chasing him, but was attacked by lutins who beat him senseless until he was rescued by a mysterious ferret woman. The ferret woman was revealed to be his sister who after an argument helped Cedric track down Hawl, who was brought before the Duke along with the Transblade for both his arrest, Hawl gets the idea that he can avoid punishment if he pretends he's Nasoj. Hawl is arrested under suspicions that he is a spy for the real Nasoj in addition to being arrested for stealing from Cedric and almost getting him killed. In prison he becomes a Tiger, but having a Spider feral form that had a separate gender and personality due to his strange blood and shape shifting abilities.

Cedric gets to know Claire's family and her father Yariv who turns out to be the son of the Lord of Cornflower, being weirded out by him and his wife being a woman and a man due to Nasoj's curse but acting as though the reversal never occurred. Cedric and Yariv are bitter at first due to Cedric treating Yariv like a woman and Yariv holding a grudge with him for doing so.

Cedric after mulling it over for a bit decides that he will stay in Metamor now that he has been reunited with his sister, heroics no longer feeling as important to him and sends a letter to Lord Aerolon expressing his desire to stay. The messanger returns badly injured and warns of an attack against Metamor and that Cornflower has been conquered by Mugal. Cedric overcome with guilt journeys to Mugal to try and stop the attack, taking the Transblade with him and canceling the transaction. He journeys with Hawl who snuck out of prison with a plan to pretend to be an ambassador from Metamor to report his own death. Claire stays behind to tend the messenger's wounds as the messenger is her husband Jack Flameheart. Cedric stating he would not have allowed Claire to come anyway as he feels that her place is not on a battlefield.

The two find that a man claiming to be a general of Nasoj has rallied the town against, Cedric and Hawl team up with Leo and free the town managing to convince them not to attack Metamor under the pre-tense that they'd stand no chance as three people just defeated them and killed the general, making it very likely that an entire army would just wipe out the town.

Leo is kicked out of her town for this action and Cedric offers to take her back to Metamor, as he cannot return to Cornflower as long as Mugal owns it. Leo tells him to piss off, overcome with jealousy that his ex-fiance Anna who was used as a hostage to dissuade Leo from fighting has fallen for Cedric and begins writing love letters to him, the two developing a long distance relationship.

Cedric upon returning to Metamor where the Duke was preparing defenses in case the enemy should arrive, not wanting to launch a preemptive strike as it would reflect poorly upon him, knighted him and pardoned Hawl, pardoning the accusation of being a spy as a spy would not have killed his own general and everything else for doing his part in saving Metamor when he could have easily just ran away. Cedric suggested resuming his life as a mercenary under an officially sanctioned group called Fourth Gate, which would perform military services for other provinces in the name of Metamor Keep in order to help remind them that they can do more good for them than Nasoj can, but Thomas dismissed the idea as being too dangerous. Princess Malisa went against this decision and okay'd it behind his back under the condition that Claire be offered a position in it, Cedric wanted to refuse this, but reluctantly agreed.

The Fourth Gate flag was sewn by Hawl's spider form, it is a red flag, also worn by its members as a tabard. The Flag has a red, background with a paw in the middle circled by a Unisex Symbol, and in the middle of that an hourglass that is mostly full on top. The red representing the bloodshed that Metamor has seen and the three symbols representing the three curses.

Shortly into the life of his group, Cedric becomes targeted by the Cult Of The flesh who want the Transblade from him in addition to having desire for Hawl for reasons even Hawl does not know. Additionally when Lord Aerolon sends his pet bird worried the Duke of Mugal would discover he's really a Keeper, Cedric squires said bird whose name is Locket.

Cedric is a simple horse with simple desires, he wants to be respected by his peers, loved by his family, and able to protect them, though most of all he is an honorable man with old fashioned views that are not hindered by the curse. He strongly believes that women and children needn't do the work of men, many in the Keep are angered by this view and compare him to enemies of the Keep who have had similar views in the past considering him truly an outsider, most of all Yariv who strongly objects to being thought of as a woman especially since he had his years of serving Lord Alvarez Loriod as a bodyguard to his wife, Altera Loriod, were brushed off when the Hand Of Destiny laws came into effect.

Cedric does come around, especially after losing in a sword duel against Yariv, but at the core he still believes these beliefs and is not subject to go against them even when they effect him poorly. Which is very evident when he vows to give up the sword if his Cursed Form is that of a woman or a child. In the non-canon crossover with Paradise, Cedric smokes an herb invented by Pascal to show his deepest darkest fears to himself. In this vision he becomes a mare and as a result in unable to lift his own sword, suddenly finding it too heavy for him. Though the events are non-canon they speak volumes about his character.

-Future Events Involving Cedric-


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