Full Name: Cathal, son of Fionúir
Race: Cursed Human (Jack-Rabbit)
Creator: Coal_Train (IRL Michael Robert)

Cathal is a black-tailed Jack-rabbit buck, anthro, with digitigrade legs, approx. 4 feet tall (not counting his ears which are about 14 in. long) and weighs just shy of 100 lbs. His coat is mostly a brown-grey, with an off white underbelly/chest-fur. \ His right hand-paw is coal black.

He is most often seen wearing a simple tunic of earth tones when hi is not in the field. His right ear is adorned with a selection of rings that denote the number of honorable kills in combat. and his left is torn slightly from his firs post-change encounter with brigands. but not so badly that it is easily noticed at first glance. He can if he so chooses morph into full rabbit, and he is gifted with incredible speed when he chooses.

In the field he wears a chain-mail hauberk of Mithril, and carries a simple sword of the same material. These are heirlooms passed down through his family for many many generations from an ancestor who was an elf.

Cathal is one of those characters whose history was very colorful long before he ever came to live at Metamor. He first came to Metamor well before the events of three gates as part of his knight's training and to aid in the defense of the southern realms as a Metamoran scout leader, as he is an excellent tracker and bowman, as well as a swordsman.

Upon his return to his homeland he avenged the apparent death of his father by killing in honorable combat the man responsible, (King Brasal) and in so doing became King by right of arms. He hadn't thought about that little consequence of his revenge, and he did not want the trappings of power. so he quickly set into motion massive reforms that would lead to the first primitive republic. He would refuse to run himself, though the people loved him. "The time for tyrants is over, even good ones. It is time for the people to speak for themselves," he declared, and so it was. It would take nearly 15 years before this fledgling republic was stabilized, and this was with no small number of challenges, including several who thought themselves to be a better potential king.

Eventually, he would come to serve the people again, but in the capacity of adviser. Then when his travels took him to the now cursed Metamor, he was taken by the curse very quickly, having only been in its influence for three days. This obviously changed his standing in the world, for who could take a knight that wears the form of a rabbit seriously? He felt that he would be more appropriate as a court jester than adviser in this new, and unfathomably cute body.

he would come to stay at Metamor, having left pretty much all he owned in the care of his wife, who could not handle his change. He loves his wife and children, but he knows that to stay would not benefit them or himself. So for them, he returned to Metemor to live out the rest of his life.

cursed with incurable cuteness, he garners much unwanted attention, especially from the ladies. though he enjoys a good scritch as much as the next rabbit, he is a Warrior and such things as being perpetually cute irk him to no end.

with time however, he would grow used to his form and all that comes with it, even to the point of liking it. sadly the winter lung would claim his wife but this happened at the most opportune time, as, in a case of sheer chance, he had found love again in the form of Heather, lets just say that their animal sides got the better of them, and it led to events that neither would have condoned, but both were powerless to prevent.

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