Full Name: Brennar
Race: Cursed Human (Tomcat)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Position within Keep: Baker's apprentice; army reservist (pikeman)

Brennar lived on a nearby farm when the curses struck. A year ago he was taken on as Gregor the Baker's apprentice. Though he can only eat a few of the delicacies that he is learning to make, he nevertheless loves to bake tasty breads and pastries.

Brennar serves in a reserve platoon of the Metamor military, a unit of pikemen nicknamed the Hedgehogs. He had a brief moment of glory during the Winter Assault when Misha chose him to be a member of Daria's otrinca squad, which harried enemy encampments throughout the Keep and helped prevent Nasoj's Moranasi from disabling Kyia's ability to change and shift the locations of rooms within the Keep (which is a key factor in its defensibility). Brennar is not a warrior by nature, and he spent much of his time during the assault feeling terrified, but he fought past his fear and served with honor, and he and the other members of Daria's squad received commendations from the Duke for their efforts.

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