Full name: Bolva (Full name unknown)
Gender: Male (?)
Race: Automaton See Automata
Height: 6'
Weight: 300 pounds (?)
Creator: W.O.L.F 0013
Date of birth: ?
Physical Appearance: A tall figure dressed in full plate mail armor that was colored black except for the silver decorations inlayed into the breastplate. The helmet covered it's wearer's face entirely. The face plate was a stylize rendition of a human face, complete with nose and mouth.
First Appearance: First and Last

Who or what Bolva is remains to be determined. His connection to the old Amber Order is undoubted. He called himself Primarch Bolva showing some sort of high ranking in the organization. His ruthlessness and determination to gain power are clear when he tried to gain control over omega. What is know that he is actually an Automaton and himself most likely a creation of the Order. The soul inside seems to be that of an Automacant and once a member of the Amber Order who was kicked out of the organization. The exact words Madog used in First and Last were "He no Amber mage. Other's remove his sash and call him enemy," . He helped create Madog and Omega and was a very powerful mage but he wanted more power. He wanted his soul in the Omega body. There was a falling out with the order over this and he was kicked out. He betrayed the Order and attacked the fortress using lutins to take the place. but the order had protected its treasures with spells designed to specifically stop him. So he was unable to get to Omega or any of the other treasures stored in the fortress. He was then forced to wait till Madog reappeared outside the fortress where he could take control. But Madog had matured and easily withstood Bolvas control and tricked him.

He tried to take control of madog and omega but was defeated in a long and bitter fight and imprisoned in a small cell under the amber order fortress by Madog. His status since then is unknown. It is believed he is still there waiting and probably repairing himself and plotting his escape.

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