Blake Tizzo

Name: Blake Tizzo
Race: Cursed human (female gendermorph)
Place of birth: Devil's Strand
Residence: Metamor Keep
Occupation: Former assassin
Created by: Oren Otter

Devil's Strand is feared and hated by the people of Hipocc for its dangerous and intimidating assassins. Blake Tizzo is not one of them. In fact, he is widely known as one of the most inept assassins to have ever come out of Devil's Strand.

He was assigned to kill Oren after the latter went into a self-imposed exile to the north. He spent several weeks attempting his assassination, failing spectacularly each time. It was even suggested that he had been deliberately sent away so that he wouldn't interfere with the Strand's invasion of Hipocc.

Blake was able to prevent the curse of Metamor for nearly a month by using an anti-magical amulet. After that, the amulet rusted away, and Blake was near-instantly transformed into a buxom woman. She quickly caught the attention of Shamgar, whom she has been dating ever since.


  • Shamgar: As his girlfriend, Blake is rarely seen away from Shamgar, often visiting the Deaf Mule and drinking together. Shamgar is not at all disturbed by Blake's past, and takes it in stride, apart from Blake's occasional knife-slashing instincts.
  • Oren: Blake's target became aware of his existence early on, after Blake tried to bribe Jesse Roo into revealing Oren's location. Oren was able to ignore Blake throughout his attempts, but although Blake has become more affable towards him, Oren still does not trust the former assassin.
  • Felice: Felice and Blake have started an awkward friendship with each other. Felice was quick to forgive Blake for attempting to kill her brother, for reasons that neither of them are entirely sure of.
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