Name: Bender
Race: Cursed human (wolf morph)
Occupation: Scout, archer
Residence: Metamor Keep
Creator: Jon Sleeper

Bender is a scout who is often seen with his patrol-mates Kwanzaa and Moorly. He is a skilled archer, but tends to be reckless. On one mission, he nearly got overwhelmed by Lutins and received several wounds. In June 706, a Lutin stabbed him through the arm, nearly costing his life. Only Rickkter's magic healing saved him.

He distrusts magic, as he doesn't understand it. Rickkter's intervention might have changed this attitude, however.

He lives in Keeptowne, as do his parents. His cousins, aunts and uncles all live further north in the valley. During the 706 Yuletide, his family came together in Keeptowne to celebrate.

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