Full Name: Baerle
Race: Cursed Human (Opossum)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Baerle was born in Mycransburg, but left for Glen Avery after her father finally passed away. She joined the archers, and for a time was in an intimate relationship with Berchem. But Berchem rejected her when she discovered that she was barren. During the Winter Assualt, she accompanied Charles to destroy the northern bridge. There, she became infatuated with him, unaware that he was engaged to be married already. When she learned the truth, she slapped him and fled. After Charles and Kimberly moved to the Glen, Baerle became a sister to Kimberly, and then became their wet nurse. Baerle is still in love with Charles, and after a painful admission to Kimberly, she has been given permission to pursue him for one year1. As of Summer 707 CR, nothing has come of this.

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