Name: Arister Haverthorne
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (mongoose)
Date of Birth: September 21 690 CR
Creator: Arace

Officially he is a simple foot soldier in one of the Dukes infantry regiments. But Arister has adapted well to the curse and has changed his fighting style to suit the lithe form he now has. When in combat he wears leather armor and the wool jerkin of a soldier of Metamor. Instead of a sword he prefers to wear gauntlets with three inch long claws attached to each finger. He wields those to good effect, ducking, weaving and bouncing around as he slashes and rakes his enemies.

Young (barely 16 in early 707), Arister has a lot to learn but is already a good fighter and with training will someday be a formidable warrior. He has befriended Edmund Delacot whom he met during the counterstrike after the Winter Assault.

First appearance: Counterstrike by Christian Okane

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