Gender: Female
Race: Cursed human (Yellow Mongoose)
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Fur: Red
Eyes: Red, with an odd shaped iris
Creator: Pontos

Ariadna is currently a scout working for the Keep. She was born in Euper, and has lived there ever since. The Battle of the Three Gates saw her refugee in the southern limit of the valley.
She lives both with her mother (now a man) and his father (now a child) in Euper.

Her squad teammates are a male Ermine morph called Eric, a female TG called Linna. Also, Ethan just recently joined them after arriving to the Keep, accompanied by his current 'Watcher', Johann.

She had shown an apparent interest for Ethan ever since he arrived to the Keep, albeit the reason for such interest back then and the one weeks after is not the same.1

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