Anteno Carras

Full name: Anteno Carras
Race: Untransformed human
Birth year: Unknown, circa 680 CR
Birth place: Carreas
Occupation: Duke of Carreas
Residence: Pessca, Carreas
Religion: Ecclesian

Anteno Carras is the Duke of Carreas as of 706 CR. He is a young leader who is beloved by the people of Carreas, and despised by the royal court for not being difficult to manipulate.

The previous Duke of Carreas was his uncle, Mechellos Carras. For 40 years, Carras suffered under his harsh draconic rule. Only his court officials benefitted under him, and the court and lordships became corrupt with power.

Anteno was never intended to be an heir to Carreas. As a result, he spent many of his early years travelling. He even visited the cursed Metamor Keep in 702 CR. On one of his travels, he made the acquaintance of a weremouse named Topo. He kept Topo's existence a secret from the court, and Topo became his closest advisor and confidante.

In the spring of 705 CR, Mechellos died suddenly, leaving the duchy without an heir. The court struggled on a replacement, and decided on Mechellos's nephew Anteno, thinking that he would be easy to manipulate. Within a month, Anteno and his magistrates had indicted the members of the court for their political crimes, and replaced them with his own choice of trustworthy leaders. His willingness to stand up to the court's corruption made him popular with the people, but very unpopular with the nobility and their armies.

For a brief period, several nobles rose up against Anteno. The major turning point came when the garrison at the capital city of Pessca revolted. The peasants rushed to Anteno's defense, along with other regiments loyal to Anteno, and they eventually got the garrison to stand down. After this incident, many lords chose to surrender or go into hiding instead of fighting.

To the present day, Anteno continues to sway other lords to his side, and to offer amnesty towards those exiled during his uncle's reign, and return power to those who had undeservedly lost it. Still, he has to deal with the occasional insurrection that would threaten him or his allies.

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