Full Name: Unpronounceable to human tongues
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Coloration: reddish-brown scales, with brass tips
Age: Unknown, but at least 900 years
Creator: Raven Blackmane

Occupation: High Priest (Lothanas) of the Lothanasi Order (dragon chapter)

Angernil (ÁN-jər-níl) is one of the nine high priests of the Lothanasi Order, and the only dragon on the High Council. He has served in that position for roughly the last three centuries, and he has no plans of retiring any time soon.


Angernil is ancient even by draconic standards, which means that he is also extremely powerful.1 He can channel enormous amounts of divine power through his body to cast proxy spells, and he is also a formidable sorcerer in his own right, though his repetoire of spells is limited when compared to a human master wizard. His most terrifying ability (though not necessarily his most dangerous) is his breath weapon, which can create a plume of fire up to sixty feet long and thirty feet wide.2

Like most dragons his age, Angernil is highly resistant to offensive magic; only a very skilled wizard can weave her spells tightly enough to penetrate the supernatural "armor" of his draconic aura. His hide is similarly resistant to mundane weapons; only weapons made of mithril or adamantine steel, or laced with strong armor-piercing enchantments, can break through his hardened scales and do him significant harm.

Angernil also has extensive shapeshifting abilities, which are one of the manifestations of his sorcery. He can change himself into a number of smaller forms, including humanoid ones, with little apparent effort. When taking human form he most often appears as a tall Irombian man, bald and muscular, with eyes that glow a bright yellow.


Angernil carries himself with quiet, patient dignity. Like all dragons, he is proud, but he also has a deep awareness that there are things in the universe even more powerful than himself, and so he does not preen, or gloat, or boast, or lecture others incessantly like many younger members of his species. He has been around long enough that he doesn't have anything to prove, either to other beings or to himself.

Because there is so little that can harm him, Angernil rarely grows angry enough to lose his temper. The only thing that really provokes his wrath is a being who harms the innocent to get what it wants.


Angernil was a close friend of Elric, the Lothanas of Metamor, and maintains a cordial partnership with his daughter Raven. He has also befriended Lycias, the Lothanas of Whales. Few other Keepers have had much to do with Angernil; on the rare occasions when he has come to Metamor, most others keep a respectful (and healthy) distance.

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