Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (Fruit Bat)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Andwyn succeeded Phil as head of the Keep's Intelligence. Even before the Battle of Three Gates, Andwyn was one of the Keep's better spies. After he was turned into a fruit bat, he took espionage to a new level, and was partly responsible for some of the animal spies that the Keep has used ever since. His elevation to Intelligence Chief has not altered his basic approach, but it has given him the opportunity to do so unhindered by Phil's unwillingness to do certain things. Any advantage that Andwyn can gain, he will.

Prior to becoming a bat, he served as an aid to Metamor's diplomat in Kelewair. In 696 CR he was responsible for breaking up an alliance between the Southern and Outer Midlands by slipping poison into one of the goblets at a feast in honor of Jaime Verdane and Valada Otakar who had just been wed. He intended to poison Jaime, but the newlyweds switched goblets and Valada died instead. the Verdane and Otakar families have blamed each other for what happened, preventing an alliance that could have been disastrous for Metamor. The act was ordered by Thomas Hassan's mother who preceded him as ruler of Metamor.

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