Full Name: Sir Andre Maugnard
Race: Cursed Human (Wolverine)
Creator: Christian O'Kane
Family: Jenn (wife), Dana, Ilyana and Becky (daughters)

Andre was and technically still is a minor nobleman in Marigund (his homeland). He came to Metamor Keep ten years ago, and talked his old childhood friend, Misha, into coming as well.

He is a knight errant and commander of a regiment of cavalry. He also works closely with the Long Scouts providing the fighting power to destroy anything the scouts uncover. In one case the Scouts infiltrated stepping Rock Castle and opened the gates. This allowed Andres cavalry to ride in and smash all resistance. (See Cry Havoc by Christian Okane).

He is married to Jenn, another wolverine. Both are Yehudim and probably the only 2 practicing that faith at the Keep.

He lost his left leg below the kneee during winter assault and is slowly recovering. As such he is on limited active duty.

Recently Jenn gave birth to triplets. All female and wolverines like their parents. Named Dana, Ilyana and Becky.

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