Name: Ancil
Species: Human - dead. NOT undead
Gender: Male
Creator: Christian Okane
Age: 8,000+ But dead men tell no tales
Skills: He's dead.
Motivation: Seriously. He's dead. He is only motivated to lay there.
First Appearance: Visiting Ancil
Appearance: The figure was curled up on a stone ledge and had skin that was browned and shriveled like ancient parchment. Its hair thin and stringy like the fringe of a rug that had lain unremembered in some dark corner for far too long. Over it all was a thick layer of dust that told of centuries of undisturbed rest. He noted a few clay and wood bowls filled with brown and black lumps and dirt that might once have been food. Laid out next to him was a long piece of wood, darkened with great age.

Metamor Valley has been inhabited for a very, very long time. While exploring the valley for safe places and boltholes the Long Scouts found an ancient grave. The exact age is unknown but a rough guess is that the body has lain there around 8,000 years. Misha has ordered the site protected. It will be correctly excavated in CR912 and become the center of a large and popular exhibit in the Metamor City History museum. He will still be dead but loving the attention.

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