Altera Loriod

Full Name: Altera Loriod
Race: Male Human (Formerly Female)
Died: April 706 CR
Creator: Charles Matthias

Altera Loriod was once a fetching lass from the Pyralian Kingdoms. She married Lord Alvarez Loriod in 696 CR, but spent the next four years insuring that she never bore him a child. After the curses led to her husband's death and her own gender swap, she became the new Lord Loriod. He ruled his land with an iron fist, grinding the spirits of those underneath him. Because his lands produced the crop that Metamor depended on, he was tolerated by the Hassan court. That is until in Spring of 706 CR he became involved with the actions of Krenek Zagrosek and for a time became the Keeper of the Censer of Yajakali. His treason was discovered by Phil and Thomas, in addition to kidnapping Father Hough and being directly responsible for turning him into a child, thinking that if he did certain things to him he would turn into a woman, and in April of 706 CR, Altera Loriod's castle was sieged, having no real knights to defend the castle with the battle was ended in record time, though Altera himself was killed by Zagrosek before the Metamorians could capture him.

In Altera's first appearance he is seen insulting Charles and Kimberly at the Duke's table, prompting a rare moment in which the at-the-time-pacifist Charles Matthias has shown ill-will towards a fellow keeper. It is later revealed that Loriod could not stand animal keepers at all. Giving Loriod's extreme sexism towards her former sex, hatred of the poor, dislike of animals, and disregard for children, it is absolutely headscratching as to how Altera expected to get along with anyone or if he knew anything about the reality around him. Despite apparent idiocy to the point of literally thinking Goldfish were made of Gold. Loriod was a very crafty and sneaky individual who could play those around him like a flute, in addition to having a mastery of mind control magick and personal shielding so strong it stopped Charles' Sondeckis abilities dead in their tracks.

Loriod later shows up in spirit form during Duke Thomas' role in the Marzac Events and taunts him, suggesting that someone needed to "Brindle him like the beast he was." and complained that Alvarez had cheated him and stolen his original intended life. Ironic in that in life Loriod applauded the curses for acting as the "Hand Of Destiny" because they had made her a him and thus by the law of the land, the one in charge. This shows that Loriod has once again failed to learn anything about taking responsibility for any of his actions, prone to blaming unrelated parties. A further irony in Loriod's seeming hatred of Alvarez is that she had been beautiful before marrying Alvarez, but during and just right before the curses had eaten herself into obesity, showing that her husband had likely spoiled her. The other spirits pull Loriod back into Hell before he can do anymore damage.

One thing that is most notable about Loriod is how self centered he is. Loriod's ego prevented him from changing his name to something more masculine sounding even though he had made it law that everyone else do so and ensured that those turned female act like housewives. Due to a lack of soldiers who DIDN'T grow up as a girl learning how NOT to be a knight the siege was very simple. Loriod did not do this because he likes being a man, Loriod did this because anything that becomes synonymous with himself he believes needs praising.

Loriod had a lesbian affair with her Lady-In-Waiting whom she murdered while becoming a man for reasons unstated, an affair she tried desprately to keep from Alvarez and her bodyguard Yariv Aerelon who was fired immediately after Loriod became the lord stating the reason was that Yariv could not be trusted now that he was female. The real reason was that Loriod had always hated Yariv for "ruining her/his" fun. Loriod tried to prevent Yariv from moving away from Loriodina to get away from him, but Yariv's wife-turned-husband stood up to Altera and threatened to get the Duke involved.

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