Full name: Alexis Nightwind
Gender: Female
Race: Cursed human (Fruit bat)
Creator: Hallan Mirayas
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 108 pounds
Fur: Dusky dark, with russet red around the neck
Skin (wings): Black
Eyes: Brown
First appears in: "Dreams"

Free spirit. Wild woman. One bat short of a belfry. Alexis has been called all these and many more. A gifted (some would even say ruthless) negotiator, Alexis makes her living by trading in information. If there is something you require, however exotic or rare, the odds are extremely good she can find someone willing to sell and arrange the deal. For a price, of course. That price varies based on difficulty or rarity, but Alexis does have a general rule: "Fast, cheap, or in good condition: pick two." This applies whether she is "procuring" a rare Suiel vase or "scrounging" an extra-large shipment of raw iron bar stock. Despite her terms for rare or common trades, she steadfastly maintains that her goods and methods of trade are aboveboard, and she becomes angry and indignant if she is accused of theft.

Alexis loves causing mischief. Because of that, her sense of humor tends to run toward the physical and the ribald, especially around Drift Snow, with whom she has been romantically involved since he ran into the tree she was sleeping in one spring morning. She does this specifically to tease him and make him blush, which she thinks looks "adorable", and to get him to "loosen up". However, she can act in nearly any manner that a situation requires, from the elegant refinement of a high court lady to the invective-laden wrath of a fishmonger's wife.

Alexis has not revealed much about her past. From what small portions she has revealed, she is originally from the Glen Avery area and that her home was likely burned or otherwise destroyed during the Winter Assault. Further inquiry is discouraged as "boring," and she does not appreciate being pressed on the subject, and she'd much prefer to maintain her exotic mystique rather than admit to being born a poor farmer's bastard daughter and raised a street urchin. (At least, that's the story she gives if pressed… whether that's the truth or not is another matter.)

Like most "flying fox" fruit bats, Alexis has a terrible time with landings, another fact she doesn't like bandied about. It's a good thing her boyfriend is so fluffy…

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