Full Name: Alexander Wolfe
Race: Cursed Human (Dire Wolf morph)
Date of birth: 8/8/675 CR
Fur: Gray
Eyes: Amber. Left eye is suffering from aniridia.
Height: 6'
Creator: Colonel(Lasting Legacy)


Alexander was born in Rathmore Village, a secluded village in Giantdowns. His life was pretty much uneventful until he joined the Village Guards, where he first met his best friend, Caelestinus (Lance). The village was attacked one day by mercenaries and Alexander was captured. However, Alexander was able to escape somewhere near Metamor, and having nothing to do, traveled to the Keep at 695CR. There he joined a scouting unit and participated in the Battle of the Three Gates, which he promptly got morphed into a dire wolf, thus crushing his dreams of returning to his birthplace, where they view animal morphs as incarnation of demons, but still he always expressed the want to go back.

Despite that, he adjusted quite quickly to his new form, and he even got recruited into the Long Scouts when it was established. As Alexander was a proficient scout, he ascended the ranks pretty fast and soon commanded a team himself. However, due to a disturbing incident with fire, George and Misha Brightleaf had not choice but to suspend Alexander to a normal scouting unit. Recently, he was reinstated into the Long Scouts and took over a group of trainees.


Alexander is a carefree person with little regards to rules. However, that does not means he would break them easily, but rather bending them to his needs. In spite of his rebelling characteristics, Alexander is actually fiercely loyal to his squad and also extremely committed in their training and well-being.

He is friendly both to Keepers and outsiders alike, as long as he doesn't hear any insults about himself.


Fire magic

Despite training for most of his life(and constantly annoying other mages), Alexander is still not proficient in the art of fire magic. The limit of his abilities is a fireball, and even that takes a great deal of concentration. To counter this, Alexander usually employs flammable liquids in battle, which greatly enhance the damage he deals to enemies. Pascal has also developed a potion to strengthen his magical abilities, although there are certain side effects.1


Compared to his other abilities, Alexander is probably more successful in alchemy. Having studied a bit under Pascal, he learned to craft several potions, including the strengthening potion mentioned before, and also a few healing potions.


Alexander is able to pick up and levitate things. He could also use this ability to slow down foes or even deflect attacks if he is fast enough. He is also able to lift his legs to run faster like Virmir does.


Alexander morphed form was a gray dire wolf. He has three claw marks on his face, one even slashing through his left eye, and thus his left eye lacks iris due to the infection caused. One of his ears has a nick on it, while the other one has a earring on it. He also has countless scars on his body, but it is usually concealed by his clothes and armor. There is a rune on his hand, made by the mercenaries, but still no one was sure what the rune does. He always hangs a dagger on his neck.


Alexander always hangs a dagger from his neck, usually concealed from sight. He also keeps a Hush Puppy with a poisoned bolt on his bedside table.

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